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After a number of years of practicing and teaching a diverse range of movement disciplines including yoga and martial arts, I discovered the world of Japanese rope bondage, also known as shibari or kinbaku. This led me into an exploration of sexuality as a form of embodied spirituality, using consensual power exchange as a tool to deepen awareness, connection, and intimacy. What I enjoy most is the act of creation. I’m always seeking new experiences and people to collaborate with to make something amazing.

My first forays into the art of erotic photography came over ten years ago, after purchasing my first DSLR. I returned to it when I started studying Japanese rope bondage in 2014, initially to document my rope work. I now shoot a mix of rope bondage and other erotica. I’m interested in capturing and re-presenting reality through the emotional texture of visual images. I prefer minimalist compositions focusing on the essence of the subject matter.

Why I don’t date students

In my career teaching movement arts for nearly fifteen years and professionally in an academic context for over half that time, I have always considered it standard practice to separate teaching relationships from sexual ones. From my perspective, when someone becomes my student and grants me a position of relative

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What kind of rope should I buy?

As a rope educator, I often get the question of where to buy rope. In short, the answer is that it depends. Rope choice is very personal. I’ve used and felt a wide variety of ropes from different makers, and I’ve also spun and processed my own. However, I don’t

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Communication and Consent

Not long ago, I was asked to present a class on negotiation and consent. I’ve used that title for classes in the past, but this time I insisted that the class be called communication and consent. It’s a relevant distinction. Negotiation has a legalistic connotation, as if one were agreeing to a

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Learning Rope Suspension

When I teach rope, I want to give people a solid grounding in the basics before moving them on to more advanced ways of tying. But most importantly, I want them to understand that rope does not have to be highly technical in order for it to be fun. I didn’t

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Rope, Photography, and Education

Recently, I woke up to learn that a great Japanese rope artist, Yukimura Haruki, had passed away. The news did not seem to be a surprise to those close to him, but it was nevertheless a shock to many. Mr. Yukimura’s influence on the rope world was palpable, yet hard

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How to Be Safe

In the US, we have this ridiculous concept called “abstinence only” sex education. Imagine taking driver’s ed and being told that the only safe way to drive is not to drive. Instead, you will get six weeks of learning, in a boring classroom setting, how a car works mechanically, since

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Teaching & Coaching

As a professional educator and coach with many years of experience in both academic and movement art contexts, I help others develop skills, implement new mindsets, and build conceptual knowledge in a supportive and encouraging environment. My teaching and coaching cover a wide range of subjects including rope, sexuality, communication, and relationships.

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